It all started on a cold winter day in Toronto...

We are Bin Club!

Bin Club began its journey in the City of Toronto with an ambition to assist homeowners with their waste management process by subscribing to our program at Bin Club. From single dwelling homes to large property management companies we have the services available.

With a Bin Club subscription our talented and dedicated team will be at your home at your specified time to take your bins to the curb, then come back at the end of the day (or again, specified time) to bring your bins back to exactly where you like them to be secured for the duration of the next week. Ensuring health safety within a pandemic with fully sanitizing the bins handles (both front and back) when we return the bins to increase confidence with subscribers and ensure safety for the homeowners.

Founders Andrew and Kenny, Entrepreneurs from Toronto, are excited to offer this service to all residents of the stunning City of Toronto and surrounding areas. Whatever your need, from assistance while on vacation, to annual subscriptions, Bin Club has the service for you.